Payroll Outsourcing

  1. The recent developments in Labour Laws with specific reference to The Unemployment Insurance Act, Income Tax Act, Basic Conditions of Employment Act, Skills Development Levies Act etc. create additional administrative burdens on businesses.
  2. AB Labour Services provides a service of outsourcing of your Company's complete payroll to us and your Company enjoys the peace of mind that you comply with all statutory requirements in terms of any labour related legislation.
  3. In practical terms this means that we calculate salaries and wages with a specialized payroll program (Softline VIP Payroll) and supply your company with completed payslips/wage slips at the end of your pay period. This also includes annual IRP5s for all employees at the end of the tax year.
  4. On a monthly basis we also complete all UIF, PAYE and Skills Development Levy certificates for submission.
For any additional information email Lizelle Helberg