Human Resources

In delivering an HR service to your company we will focus on the needs of your business and your needs will determine the focus areas for our integrated people management service and solution to maximise your investment in human capital.

In the changing world of business and work, Companies need to focus on the core business processes and in managing people we can assist with HR processes and systems that will benefit and optimise work performance.

We focus on the full complement of Human Resources from all transactional functions such as Personnel management through to strategic functions i.e. Organisation Development. In delivering the full Human Resource service we focus on the business and try to initiate interventions that are directed to support and improve the business.

Do you need to know more about?

  • Best HR practices for your company.
  • Job Profiling and Job evaluations.
  • Skills Development.
    • Full comprehensive assistance;
    • Providing a Skills Development Facilitator;
    • Assisting with Workplace Skills Plan; and
    • Presenting an Annual Training Report.
  • Employment Equity.
    • Ensure full compliance with Employment Equity Act;
    • Ensure full compliance with Code of Good Practise on Employment Equity;
    • Maximise Skills Development initiatives and Grants; and
    • Make necessary recommendations.
  • Social & Labour Plan.
  • Human Resource Information system:
    • To implement such a system and how to use Change strategies across a business to assist in the process.
  • Performance management.
  • Change Management interventions:
    • Change management strategies, which include: continuous communication and training workshops, ensuring buy-in by continuous syndication with business.
  • HR Policies and Procedures.
  • Organisational Development/Effectiveness:
    • Designing and implementing different Human Resources systems such as Performance Management systems, Change Management Programmes,Communication strategies, Leadership Development and Team Strategies.
  • Developing and/or changing new and/or current HR systems based on business needs, such as:
    • Recruitment and Selection system;
    • Disciplinary system;
    • Performance management system;
    • Attraction and retention of key individuals for the business;
    • Potential Talent Assessment system;
    • Redeployment strategy with outplacement services.
  • HR Audits:
    • Are used to assess the current HR Risk status of the organisation;
    • To ensure compliance with prevailing legislation;
    • As part of a company culture assessment; and
    • When a company wants to assess it's HR status.
  • Strategic Planning.
For any additional information email Lizelle Helberg