About Us

AB Labour Services is the brainchild of Human Resources Practitioners who decided to combine their expertise in order to assist businesses with their labour needs. AB Labour Consultants was a well-established Labour Consultancy which specialized in Labour Law and the Management of Human Resources. Due to the company's specialized skills in Human Resources Management and Labour Law it extended its scope and established Antjaq Labour Services (Pty) Ltd trading as AB Labour Services to include the recruitment, placement, provision and outsourcing of staff to businesses that so require.  The specific gap in the market that was identified and which is aggressively explored is a service provider that treats its employees with the respect and dignity they deserve but on the other hand understanding and matching client needs, cultures and expectations.

This provides an all-inclusive human resources service and peace of mind to clients in terms of all the pitfalls of Labour related legislation and administration.


Our vision is to be the LEADING Labour Service provider by integrating CUSTOMER and EMPLOYEE relations.


AB Labour Services shall be a UNIQUE & GLOBAL service provider of FIRST CHOICE.  Through our COMMITMENT and PRODUCTIVE contribution we will promote MUTUAL BENEFICIAL RELATIONS with ALL Stakeholders.


In terms of our Country's numerous labour related laws and legislation any Company doing business first needs to register with various authorities in order to comply with legislation. Our Company exonerates you from most of these as we are registered in terms of all applicable legislation.

Herewith proof of registration and applicable registration numbers for your peace of mind:

  1. Rand Mutual Assurance (COID) 097H
  2. Employees Tax (PAYE) 7950740383
  3. Skills Development Levy (SDL) 950740383
  4. Unemployment Insurance (UIF) U950740383/0647751/2
  5. Labour Broker 7014670/00/9
Our Company is also registered with:
  1. The Metal and Engineering Bargaining Council as a service provider for member Companies (MEIBC);
  2. The Motor Industry Bargaining Council (MIBCO);
  3. National Bargaining Council for the Road Freight Industry as a Member (NBCRFI);
  4. Members of Senior Management are registered with, and are members of, the following associations:
    a. South African Institute of People Management (IPM);
    b. SA Board for Personnel Practitioners (SABPP); 
    c. Association of Mine Human Resources Practitioners (AMHRP);
    d. South African Society for Labour Law (SASLAW) Affiliated to the International Society for Labour Law and Social Security



  1. AB LABOUR SERVICES is proud to be, once again,the leaders in the industry with regards to its contribution to the empowerment of Historically Disadvantaged South Africans;
  2. After an extensive process of strategising, planning, and ultimately implementing, which was commenced during 2003, the Sale of Share Agreements were accepted and signed at the end of August 2004;
  3. This initiative secured a 26% legal Black ownership in our Company as well as the appointment of 2 HDSA directors on the board.
  4. A copy of our official BEE Strategy and Plan is also available on request.