An established and empowered labour service provider

  • Labour Law is a system or body of rules, there are a number of sources of those rules; from the contract of employment to collective agreements to legislation, which regulate relationship between employers and employees, between employers and trade unions, between employer’s organisations and trade unions, and relationships between the State, employers, employees, trade unions and employer’s organisations.

    The aim of the labour law rules is to protect the interest of both the employees and employers and to enhance peace at the workplace.

    1. Allow us to search for the most suitable candidate for the vacant position from our extensive database both local and national.  We use a specialized recruitment software package that enables us to provide you with a fast and efficient service.
    2. We arrange and do all preliminary interviewing on your behalf in our search for the perfect candidate for your company. Your Company representative, however, shall do the final interviewing and obviously have the final decision in terms of any appointments.
  • We enter into a Memorandum of Agreement with you, the client, to supply you with the following:
    1. Relief staff when a permanent employee is on sick leave, maternity leave, annual leave etc.
    2. Specialized staff for a limited period of time when you need such specialized service and you do not wish to appoint an individual permanently
  • In the changing and dynamic world of business, Companies need to focus on the core business processes.  With regards to the management of your people we can implement and assist with HR processes and systems that will benefit and optimise work performance.

    We focus on the full complement of Human Resources from all transactional functions such as Personnel management through to strategic functions such as Organisation Development and in delivering the full Human Resource service we focus on the business and try to initiate interventions that are focused and directed to support and improve the business.
    1. The recent developments in Labour Laws with specific reference to The Unemployment Insurance Act, Income Tax Act, Basic Conditions of Employment Act, Skills Development Levies Act etc. create additional administrative burdens on businesses.
    2. AB Labour Services provides a service of outsourcing your Company's complete payroll to us and your Company enjoys the peace of mind that you comply with all statutory requirements in terms of any labour related legislation.